Elon Musk Demands Prison Time For Doctors Who Target Children

Twitter founder and CEO Elon Musk has called for pro-trans parents and doctors who perform sterilizations on children before they are old enough to give their informed consent to be “put away for life” in prison. 

The LGBT lobby’s staunch support for the castration and sterilization of transgender children has been widely attacked as part of a demonic movement that targets children for destruction.

On Friday morning, Elon Musk tweeted that parents or doctors who sterilize their children before they are old enough to provide informed permission should be imprisoned for life. 

Musk’s tweet was a response to a post by “The Redheaded Libertarian,” who had shared a story from MSNBC claiming that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s lust for power is wreaking havoc on the state. According to the MSNBC piece, DeSantis has stopped the transgender lobby from “targeting, sterilizing, and mutilating” children in Florida.

Pro-trans Twitter posters lost it after Musk’s pro-child comments. One user said that Musk should be ashamed for acknowledging that a child cannot decide for themselves on many matters but for claiming that it is up to a community to decide on mutilating a helpless child. 

Musk’s commentary on the issue of so-called “trans kids” is not motivated by a lack of real-world knowledge. One of Musk’s adult children claims to be transgender and has sought to sever all relations with the Tesla founder and Twitter CEO. Musk attributes this to “neo-Marxist” forces that have penetrated the American psyche through the school system. The sad turn of events started when the kid tried to cut off communication with Musk.

After deciding he no longer wanted to be tied to his father, Elon Musk’s transgender daughter filed paperwork to change his name and gender officially.

The 18-year-old has requested the female pronouns and the name Vivian Jenna Wilson.

Xavier Alexander Musk was the name he went by.