“EAT SH*T” – Vile Ex-Warren Staffers Lash Out At Media

(PatrioticPost.com) – Campaign staffers recently let go from the Elizabeth Warren campaign for president have unleashed vitriol and anger at journalists for not cheerleading the campaign. If you thought the Bernie Bros were bad, then the Elizabeth Warren diehards are making them look like puppy dogs!

Alex Thompson, a Politico correspondent who covered the Warren campaign, has received the brunt of the anger from her supporters. In a Twitter thread published on Saturday, Thompson explained how some ex-Warren staffers “don’t have a good understanding of campaign journalism.”

He also said that it wasn’t his job to “actively support the candidate that you were assigned.”

“It is my job to contact as many [people] as possible rather than just rely on what the campaign wants to give me,” he added.

In the tweet, Thompson offered screenshots of tweets he had received from multiple members of the Warren team where they severely criticized his coverage of the candidate. Two of those staffers told him to “eat sh*t.”

And people have the gall to say Trump’s team are rude! When was the last time a member of the Trump team said something like that?

Another member of the Warren team even said, “throw the whole man away,” and included an animated gif image of a man being thrown into a dumpster.

When Thompson was critical of proposals Warren made, or even just not explicitly positive, one staffer wrote:



The comments were so bad that the communications director for the Warren campaign, Kristen Orthman, had to step in. Taking to Twitter herself, Orthman said that she understands why people are upset but said: “inappropriate language toward other campaigns or the press is never what our campaign or @ewarren is about.”

Isn’t it funny how they claim the media isn’t biased, but then get angry when they feel like they aren’t cheerleading the campaigns they like?