Duh: Poll Finds BLM Support Dropping As Violent Riots Continue

(PatrioticPost.com)- A poll from the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealed something most Americans already knew to be true this week – that support for the far-left Black Lives Matter movement is plummeting as riots continue. It found that the riots, which have caused several billion dollars’ worth of damage according to insurance companies, are pushing Americans away from their message.

The poll showed how support for the BLM movement dropped from 54% in June to 39% following the continued riots in major American cities.

Weirdly, however, the poll showed that only 44% of Americans disapprove of the protests. It suggests that Americans believe that the violent riots are not necessarily representative of the entire movement, even though Black Lives Matter leaders have expressed their support of violent action. Greater New York Black Lives Matter leader Hank Newsome said on Fox News earlier this year that his organization would “burn down” the American system if they do not get what they want.

The NORC Center poll asked 1,108 adults between September 11 and 14 over the phone and online what they thought about the Black Lives Matter movement and riots.

It also found that support for the far-left organization was dropping among Black Americans, from 81% in July to 63% on Wednesday. It shows that a significant portion of Black Americans has not been fooled by the far-left extremist group.

White Americans are significantly less likely to support the group, with support dropping from 53% to 34%.

The percentage of Americans who believe the protests are “mostly peaceful” has fallen by a few points, while those who think that the protests are mostly violent has increased from 22% to 30% between June and September.

The news comes as fresh riots break out in Louisville, following a grand jury judgment on the Breonna Taylor case. No police officer was directly charged in Taylor’s death, prompting Black Lives Matter and various high-profile Democrats to suggest it was an injustice.

As a result, two police officers in Louisville were shot on Thursday, and protests have continued through the week.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is a Black American, said that Taylor’s death was a tragedy, but that the facts didn’t support criminal charges against the offices who killed her. Taylor was killed when officers returned fire during an arrest.