DUH: Most Americans OPPOSE Defunding the Police and Toppling Statues

(PatrioticPost.com)- Every now and again, a media outlet pushes forward with a survey that does little more than tell us what we already know. The Washington Post and ABC commissioned one such poll recently which discovered that most Americans do not support the defunding of the police, and also don’t support tearing down statues.

Even Confederate statues!

According to The Washington Post, the poll found that 52% of Americans didn’t support the removal of Confederate statues, and 43% of Americans did support it. Broken down into political parties, the poll found that 80% of Republicans said the statues should remain standing, and just 43% of Democrats said the same.

You know what this means? It means that most people are normal and don’t buy far-left narratives explaining why people should be ashamed of their history. It also shows that the people supporting the tearing down of statues are overwhelmingly Democrat.

That means this is nothing more than a political agenda, and not a movement to simply “do the right thing” as they like to pretend it is.

The Post also reported how 6 out of 10 white people, as well as just over 50% of Hispanics, believe that statues of Confederate soldiers should not be torn down.

Sadly, despite the fact that most Americans don’t buy into these extremist ideas, the Black Lives Matter organization is still supported by a majority of Americans. Some 63% of respondents said that they support the group “strongly.”

Unpacking this information, it seems that Americans might not be fully aware of what Black Lives Matter stands for and are instead looking at the group as if its only political position is that black lives matter. Most Americans naturally agree with that, but do they know that the organization is an avowed Marxist organization that supports the destruction of the capitalist economy and the American family unit?

Some 69% of respondents also said that they don’t believe minority groups in America are treated the same as white people, which is interesting, buyt they also said they don’t oppose the defunding of the police.