Drake Becomes Victim of Latest Object Throwing Trend During Concert

In what seems like copycat behavior, there has been an outbreak of objects being thrown at singers performing on stage. 

On Wednesday, the first show of Drake’s It’s All a Blur tour in Chicago saw yet another incident.

It’s become increasingly common for fans to throw things at performers, such as phones or, in Harry Styles’ case, Skittles.

Drake, the 36-year-old Hotline Bling singer, was struck by a mobile phone that was hurled onto the stage, making him the latest victim of terrible audience conduct.

The phone fell and smacked him in the wrist while he was performing a version of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious.”  Drake continued to sing after the phone struck him; essentially, he was unharmed.

The God’s Plan singer luckily avoided any injury and continued with the first show of his four-month tour.

However, that wasn’t the case when 33-year-old Bebe Rexha had a mobile phone hurled at her face, resulting in a black eye and three stitches. A fan felt it would be humorous to throw the phone at Rexha. The police detained him, and he was charged with assault.

Since the incident, Bebe has resumed her performance schedule; however, she now wears safety eyewear. 

Kelsea Ballerini, also 29, had a fan throw something at her face last week. A fan tossed a bracelet onto the stage, which struck her, prompting her to stop singing.

She returned to the stage and pleaded with the audience to be kind and stop anyone they saw getting ready to throw something.

Ava Max, a 29-year-old singer, was performing in Los Angeles when an audience member stormed the stage and slapped her.

While performing As It Was in Los Angeles in November, 29-year-old Harry Styles was smacked in the face with Skittles.

The Watermelon Sugar singer had his head wrenched back, and his eye scratched as he blew kisses to fans.

Adele, 35, decided to speak up after frightening events.

Charlie Puth, who is 31 years old, chimed in earlier this week to express his dismay at the trend.

He tweeted on June 29 that the practice of throwing objects at performers while they are onstage must stop. It’s really risky and shows a great deal of contempt, he wrote. 

People can be foolish.