Dr. Oz’s Past Of Targeting Second Amendment Rights

(PatrioticPost.com)- The Democrat running in the Pennsylvania Republican primary for the US Senate isn’t just pro-abortion; he’s also pro-gun control.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the TV personality hoping to hoodwink Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania, co-wrote several articles advocating for such anti-Second Amendment measures as a New Zealand-style gun back program, an “assault weapons” ban, and red flag laws.

Now, this wasn’t ten or twenty years ago. Dr. Oz co-wrote these articles from 2017 to 2019.

Sure, Oz is portraying himself as a gun-rights supporter now. He’s running in a Republican primary, so he has to.

But to believe that he had a sudden transformation from pro-gun confiscation to pro-Second Amendment in just three short years beggars belief.

Some of the articles on which Oz’s name appears were co-written by his business partner Dr. Michael Roizen. Roizen is now claiming that Dr. Oz only had “minimal” involvement in the articles that bore his name, calling it an error that his name appeared at all.

Even if voters are gullible enough to believe Dr. Roizen’s claim, it still begs the question of why Dr. Oz didn’t say anything at the time the articles were published. Why did he wait until now to voice his objection?

His campaign released a statement arguing that Dr. Oz doesn’t support measures that “infringe on the Second Amendment” and promised that, if he gets to the Senate Oz would oppose such measures.

So you just have to take his campaign’s word for it.

His campaign people want voters to just believe them when they say Dr. Oz will support legislation “that protects our right to keep and bear arms.”

But what else is his campaign going to say?

The frontrunner in the race, Dave McCormick, quickly grabbed hold of the controversy, noting that Dr. Oz hopes voters have a short memory and will forget that he is anti-gun.

Arthur Schwartz, an advisor to Donald Trump Jr, put it best, saying Dr. Oz believes Pennsylvania Republicans “are dumb enough to buy this nonsense.” Schwartz also took issue with Oz’s claim that he was offended by the content of the articles he co-wrote with Dr. Roizen, noting that Oz didn’t disown them until after he decided to run for the Senate as a Republican.