Dr. Oz Reportedly Running As Republican

(PatrioticPost.com)- TV personality and well-known cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz has announced that he’s entering the political world…and that he will be running as a Republican.

Oz, who is beloved by Democrat and Republican television viewers alike, has previously donated to both Republican and Democrat candidates. This time, though, he is planning on running himself as a Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania.

Citing an anonymous source, Newsmax revealed that Oz is in the process of hiring staff and reaching out to potential political allies – but he has not yet publicly confirmed his plans.

Oz has a long connection to Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with medical and business degrees. And despite moving on to own properties in New Jersey and Florida, he maintained a family link to the state and has a nonpermanent voter registration in Pennsylvania through his mother-in-law and her family, who live in Montgomery County.

A spokesman from Oz’s office told the press that since last year, Dr. Oz has “lived and voted in Pennsylvania where he attended school and has deep family ties.”

The spokesperson added that he has received encouragement to run for the United States Senate, but is “currently focused on our show and has no announcement at this time.”

Which sounds an awful lot like an announcement is coming…

The retirement of Senator Pat Toomey next year means that there’s a seat vacant in the Senate, and several Republicans have already put their name forward as primary candidates. Oz would need to go up against military vet Sean Parnell, who has the seal of approval from former President Donald Trump. He would also be up against business executive Jeff Bartons, and a host of other lesser-known candidates.

Given Trump’s endorsement, it’s likely that Parnell will win the primary – however, he is currently battling curious allegations that he abused his wife and children.

As those allegations play out, could Oz sneak in for a swift victory off the back of his fame and name recognition?