Dr. Oz Leaves His Staffers Jobless And Depressed, Report Finds

(PatrioticPost.com)- Dr. Mehmet Oz, the popular TV doctor hoping to take the Republican nomination for the upcoming Pennsylvania senate race, is in trouble. Not only is his campaign flagging, but recent reports revealed that he co-authored a book with a CCP-linked Chinese academic last year, and now new reports have shown that he left his long-time staffers “jobless and depressed.”

The thing is, though…it’s a hit piece. It’s a clear attempt to hurt Dr. Oz’s chances of winning.

Speaking to Page Six, an anonymous source claimed that people who have worked with the famous TV doctor for as long as 13 years have been left “scrambling for work” and are furious that his campaign work has left them “in the lurch financially after they worked their assess off him for so long.”

Another anonymous source said that Oz “blindsided everyone” at his old show and that most of the people he worked with found out that he was running for office from the media.

“It was abrupt, no one had a clue,” a source said, adding that people were expecting another season of his show.

The sources said that people were left without their health benefits after working with America’s doctor for 13 years.

“He’s leaving his staff without benefits,” one of the sources said.

But here’s the thing: is Dr. Oz not allowed to move on? Is he not allowed to do something different with his life?

We get that there are some controversies surrounding the Republican hopeful, but this just sounds to us like an attempt by Page Six to make him look bad.

In what universe is somebody required to do the same thing for the rest of their life because it might affect other people? People lose their jobs all their time and move on to find something else. Dr. Oz is seeking another job himself.

You can read the attempted hit piece here.