Dr. Fauci Claims He Needs More “Money” To Fight COVID

(PatrioticPost.com)- Dr. Anthony Fauci is back on our screens, and this time he’s asking for money.

Speaking to CNN’s “The Lead,” the nation’s most famous (and allegedly corrupt) public health official said that the Biden administration needs more money to fight the BA.2 variant of COVID-19.

Fauci predicted that the new variant would cause a huge surge in COVID cases last week.

When asked by CNN anchor Jake Tapper whether Fauci is worried about Congress not approving new funding for a response to the next variant.

“It is a Democratically controlled Congress. Are you worried about running into problems with testing and booster supplies?” Tapper asked.

Fauci responded “definitely,” insisting that “we do need more money.”

“It is not just talk saying we need it. Over a period of time between now and the next several months, things are going to run out. What will run out is tests will run out, the antibodies will run out, the antivirals will run out,” Fauci said, before warning that the studies currently being performed by his agency are determining “the best approach toward the next level of boosting.”

Not only does he want more money, but he also wants you to take fourth and fifth shots, too…

Watch the interview here.