Dozens Of School Districts On Probation For Defying Liberal Governor

( Extremist Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a state-wide mandate for schools, insiting that all members of staff and even young children wear largely useless face masks in class – and it has resulted in 30 public school districts across the state being placed on probation for violating it.

Children are now likely to miss out on their education for potentially another academic year because Democrats want to play politics with COVID-19.

Jackie Matthews, the spokeswoman for the Illinois State Board of Education, revealed that a number of school districts refuse to comply with the radical mask mandates. She said that the districts will have the opportunity to meet with the board and “submit a corrective action plan” to address their deficiencies.

She didn’t say they would have a chance to make their case, but specifically said that they either must meet with the board and agree to comply, or else.

Matthews added that any school district that refuses to submit an “approvable plan” will lose its recognition status, which means they will lose state funding and will not be able to participate in sports games under the Illinois Elementary School Association and the Illinois High School Association.

She insisted that the board will “continue to act swiftly” with public and nonpublic schools who refuse to comply with the new order and that the board “will not compromise students’ health and safety.”

Why is it that they never recognize the fact that doctors and scientists have said right from the beginning of this pandemic that young children are the least affected by this virus?

Steve Lucie, a former board member of the Warsaw Community Unit School District 316, urged the board to reconsider their plans and to allow local jurisdictions to make their own decisions.

The Chicago Tribune reported that he asked the board to “do the right thing” for people in his community, but the board has not responded.

All of a sudden, the Democrats aren’t following the science…