“Doomsday Mom” Learns Her Fate

The Idaho woman known as the “Doomsday Mom” was found guilty of murdering her children and plotting the murder of her husband’s ex-wife.

Vallow Daybell has been held responsible for killing Tylee Ryan and adopted son J.J. after the jury deliberated for less than a day. In addition, she was found guilty on the three charges of conspiracy to murder Tylee, J.J., and Tammy Daybell, the first wife of Vallow’s fifth spouse.

A new mugshot of Vallow was released on Monday morning, and she appears to be smiling.

J.J. Vallow’s grandmother and Lori Vallow’s ex-husband’s sister, Kay Woodcock, previously said that she did not “recognize” the accused killer in images presented at trial.

While Chad Daybell, Vallow’s husband, did renounce his right to a speedy trial, Vallow did not, so his attorneys filed a motion to have his case tried separately from his wife’s.

Vallow, who used to compete in beauty pageants, has a history of appearing in pictures and mugshots with a broad grin and a full face of makeup. 

Family members have been looking for Vallow, Tylee, and J.J. Daybell ever since they traveled to Rexburg, Idaho, to be with Chad Daybell, the author of multiple end-of-the-world novels who said he heard a voice telling him to relocate there in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. This was in September 2019. 

Vallow Daybell and her brother Alex brought their niece and nephew, Tylee and J.J., to Yellowstone on September 8, 2019. There were no further sightings of Tylee.

J.J., an autistic Idaho student, was last seen there two weeks later, on September 23. Vallow Daybell decided to be homeschooled and notified the school the following day.

The remains of Tylee and J.J. weren’t discovered until June 9, 2020, when police investigated Idaho land belonging to Chad Daybell. Vallow Daybell attempted to flee the scene, but she was caught. She was later charged with two counts of criminal evidence tampering.

For her part in the murders, Vallow Daybell could spend the rest of her life in prison.