Donald Trump’s Secret Document Tape Turns Into Revelation

Abby Phillip, a reporter for CNN, asked Trump solicitor Jim Trusty about an alleged video of Trump discussing classified material with individuals who weren’t permitted to access it. The tape was widely interpreted as proof that Trump knew he held confidential information.

CNN reported that Trump had been recorded discussing a sensitive document he brought along when he exited the White House. Trump is allegedly heard on the audio admitting that he is unable to show his guests the classified memo, which details an invasion of Iran.

Phillip and co-host Kaitlan Collins spoke with Trusty on an episode of CNN Primetime about the latest development, and Trusty contended that Donald Trump declassified all documents he had with him as he was leaving office.

Phillip, though, probed Trusty on the subject, asking him why Trump would deem it proper to talk about such sensitive information with outsiders regardless of whether it was declassified or not.

Trusty answered that he refused to give credence to partial, unjust, and false disclosures. It seems to be a leak campaign.

He told her the Department of Justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation wanted them to promote an official story. They are trying to make false accusations for legitimately held documents. No previous president has ever had a problem with document retention escalated to the level of a criminal probe.

He told Phillip she recently collaborated with Kaitlan Collins and reported on the details that were heard about and not seen for herself.  Trusty again said he would not discuss the matter in the mainstream press. He would not comment on the document or the existence of a videotape.

Trusty stated that this was a form of injustice carried out by prosecutors. In his decades of dealing with the DOJ,  he had never witnessed a leak campaign of this nature before.

Despite this, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll indicated that former President Donald Trump is ahead of every prospective Republican candidate, both in a group scenario and in a head-to-head matchup.