Donald Trump Weeding Out “Disloyal” Members From The GOP

( Former President Donald Trump is reportedly on a mission to remove disloyal and “weak” Republicans over the next three years as he works towards a fresh run for the White House and helps Republican candidates take back control of the House and the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

The former president has reportedly endorsed some 66 candidates at both state and local levels for the 2022 elections so far, with more expected.

A report from Axios also suggests that Trump is working on ensuring that all “weak” or “disloyal” lawmakers are removed from office and replaced with primary challengers who support his Make America Great Again agenda.

Axios reports that the former president is now demanding that Republicans “get smart” on the issue of election integrity, and push for audits that would ensure that no illegal vote is ever counted in a national election again.

An advisor told the outlet that they have tried to get the former president to talk about other issues but that they “always get dragged back” onto the topic of election integrity.

Is that meant to be a bad thing?

Dozens more endorsements are expected over the next year – if not more – as the Democrats’ chances of maintaining control of Congress wane by the month.

Unless President Joe Biden can dramatically and miraculously turn this mess around – which would involve getting tough on China, fixing the border crisis, deporting illegal aliens, and reversing inflation – it looks like MAGA Republicans are set for big victories next fall.