Donald Trump Vows To Fight Back As Democrats Try To Seize His Tax Returns

( Democrats are still trying their hardest to force former President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, after years of failing to do so. Even now that Trump has left office, they’re continuing those efforts and even using their newfound power, in the White House and in Congress, to obtain them.

Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump asked a federal judge on Wednesday to stop a bid by the Democrats to obtain his personal tax records – which would undoubtedly end up in public hands – by rejecting claims that the Department of Justice is entitled to access the documents. Trump’s lawyers made it perfectly clear that he will not back down on these continued politically motivated efforts to obtain his tax returns.

The Department of Justice made the claim that they are entitled to the documents, which are personal and legally protected, based on “wobbly justifications” and a “shallow reasoning,” according to Trump’s lawyers. His legal team also made it clear that Democrats were simply looking to use the former president’s tax filings to smear him – as they have done at every step of his candidacy and through his presidency.

Those efforts by Democrats to smear the president, his attorneys said, have always been a “transparent effort” from one political party, and constitute harassment of an official from the other party because they simply “dislike his politics and speech.”

Fact check: true.

The filing made by Trump’s lawyers was made only days after the Justice Department claimed that the Democrats have a “right” to obtain the former president’s tax records under a little-known law that allows the heads of the tax committees in Congress to examine the tax records of any American citizen. Democrats claim that they need the files to see whether the IRS has done an adequate job of auditing former presidents, which has long been done by the agency on all presidents.

However, there is no evidence that the former president is guilty of committing tax fraud, and judges may dismiss such a plot as a simple fishing expedition.

Democrats want there to be evidence so badly that they are willing to use arcane laws to find it.

The Biden administration sided with Democrats on the matter, presumably hoping that releasing the tax returns will hurt Trump if he runs again in 2024, but is giving Trump and his lawyers a chance to respond.

Can the Democrats stoop any lower?