Donald Trump To Have 2 Rallies In Just June Alone

( According to the UK Daily Mail, looking to capitalize on Joe Biden’s cascading failures, former President Trump plans to hold two rallies next month followed by an Independence Day event on or around July 3rd.

According to one Trump adviser, the President is eager to get back out “on the trail,” adding that they’ve received “a lot of offers and invitations from both candidates and political causes in different areas.”

While no venues have yet to be announced, the Trump team has four possible locations from which to select the two they will do.

Whether these rallies are a clear indication that Mr. Trump is running again in 2024 remains to be seen. As of yet, President Trump has not made any decisions and it is unlikely he will until after the 2022 midterm elections.

Whether or not Mr. Trump decides to run, these rallies will no doubt succeed in firing up the Republican base in the lead-up to the midterm elections — not to mention cause consternation within the Biden White House.

Mr. Trump’s rally events are widely attended and garner a great deal of media attention – both positive and negative. Since the tech giants have gone to great lengths to silence him and protect President Biden from receiving the notorious “Trump treatment” on Twitter, the rallies would give the former President the perfect venue from which to criticize and call out Biden’s countless failures.

In the meantime, President Trump has been hammering Biden from his new website – releasing statements that are then disseminated widely on the very platforms that banned him.

For example, his May 12 statement on the comparisons between Biden and Carter which read, in part, “It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter.”

“Joe Biden has had the worst start of any president in United States history,” Trump concluded, “and someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration – but no, Jimmy was better!”

And while these statements are brutal in that trademark Trump way, nothing compares to the style, humor and impact of Trump live and unfiltered before thousands of fired up fans.