Donald Trump Sued By Civil Rights Group

( A liberal civil rights group has filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, even though he’s no longer in the White House.

The group, called the Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition, or CARC, has alleged that the former president referring to COVID-19 as the China Virus, and terms similar to it, “harmed the Chinese American community,” as TMZ reported.

The news outlet wrote:

“Trump’s getting sued by the Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition … and they’re pissed over him constantly referring to COVID-19 as ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus’ and ‘Kung Flu’ while he was in office.

“According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMC, the CARC claims Trump’s use of the derogatory terms contributed to the recent rise in violence against Chinese and Asian Americans … and they claim he should have known better.”

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in the Southern District of New York by CARC, which is a non-profit organization. The lawsuit claims, among other things, that Trump caused members of its organization “emotional distress.”

The lawsuit states:

“Defendant’s extreme and outrageous conduct indeed has caused members of the Plaintiff organization, and to a large extent Asian Americans, emotional distress, and resulted in an unmistakable rising up trend of racial violence against Chinese Americans and Asian Americans from New York to California.

“The truth matters, words have consequences … especially from those in powerful and influential positions. Against the well-published WHO [World Health Organization] guidelines and the repeated advices from health officials of his own administration, Defendant intentionally repeated those defamatory words to serve his own personal and political interest with an astonishing level of actual malice and negligence, hence severely injuring the Chinese/Asian American communities in the process.”

The total damages that CARC is asking for in the lawsuit is $22.9 million. They came to that final number by calculating $1 of damage for every American who has a heritage of Asian or Pacific Islander.

This fight against the reference to COVID-19 coming from China has been a popular liberal stance. When he took office in January, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that outlines how federal departments and agencies should and shouldn’t refer to the virus.

He didn’t outright ban the phrase “China Virus,” but Biden did say all departments should take whatever steps necessary to ensure that any “official actions, documents and statements, including those that pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic, do not exhibit or contribute to racism, xenophobia and intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.”

Following his signing of the executive order, Biden said:

“I’ve asked the Department of Justice to strengthen its partnership with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to prevent those hate crimes. I’ve also asked the Department of Health and Human Services to put out best practices for combatting xenophobia in our national response to COVID.”

For CARC, it may be very difficult to prove that Trump directly contributed to the increase in violence toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders recently. And that’s what they’ll need to prove if they hope to win their lawsuit.