Donald Trump Says “We Have To End The Mandates”

( Former President Donald Trump may not have officially announced his intention to run for the presidency again in 2024, but he is certainly acting as though he will.

Speaking to last week, Trump told one of his former aides, Kash Patel, that the United States must stop enforcing COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“We have to end the mandates,” he said. “They have to be ended, and they shouldn’t have started.”

Doesn’t it say something when even the president responsible for the rapid development of these vaccines is against mandating them? That’s going to be a hard narrative for the Democrats to spin.

Speaking to EpochTV, Trump also slammed President Joe Biden for doing “such a horrible job” managing the pandemic after promising the country that he would “shut down the virus.”

Remember that? Biden said he would “shut down this virus, not the economy.” Now he’s in power, not only is COVID spreading like wildfire but the economy is not exactly doing well…

“And he came in, ‘I’m doing to solve COVID’…they had more deaths in his year, and that’s after everything that we developed, therapeutics, vaccines, everything,” Trump said.

It’s a message that’s bound to resonate with the American people. Think back to the 2020 presidential debates and remember just how hard Joe Biden went on Trump and his response to COVID. Going into 2024, assuming that Biden runs again, how can he claim that what he said was right when the pandemic got so much worse during the Biden administration?

Under the Biden administration, daily cases spiked at almost one million, and there were two additional variants that spread rapidly across the country despite vaccine and mask mandates.

2024 will be an interesting race…because we now know that everything Biden said would work didn’t work.