Donald Trump Says He Will Use “Executive Privilege” To Block Democrat Request

( The partisan House select committee investigating the 3-hour melee on January 6 is behaving more like an opposition research team working for the Democrat Party than any legitimate, serious investigation.

Last week the Democrats demanded communications from the Trump White House as well as President Trump’s mental health records.

In response, the former President issued a statement slamming the partisan witch hunt and accusing it of trying to distract from the Democrats’ and President Joe Biden’s “historic and global catastrophes.”

Calling the select committee a “partisan sham” and a “waste of taxpayer dollars,” Trump said that he would invoke Executive Privilege to prevent the release of the documents Democrats are demanding.

In his statement, Trump maintained that Executive Privilege should be defended, not just for the sake of his Administration, but for the sake of the Office of the President of the United States.

Despite the FBI finding no evidence that the riot at the Capitol was in any way planned or coordinated, this select committee continues to operate under the presumption that the events of that day were spearheaded by Donald Trump and those close to him.

They aren’t searching for the “Truth.” They’re using taxpayer money to perpetrate a lie.

From the requested documents, it is easy to see what predetermined conclusion they have chosen.

They want documents on if at any time President Trump considered using military force to remain in the White House after Joe Biden won the election, and whether Trump sought to impose Martial Law.

No doubt they know that these documents don’t exist. But that doesn’t matter. The objective here is to cement in people’s minds that President Trump was considering those things. This way, if the former President’s administration refuses to comply, it must mean they’re covering it up.

See how it works?

It’s all about narrative.

This holds true for the requests for documents related to Trump’s mental health and documents related to whether or not members of his cabinet discussed invoking the 25th Amendment.

The partisan select committee is a Democrat campaign operation, nothing more.