Donald Trump Returns To Social Media With Active Attacks On Truth Social

( Trump’s TRUTH Social posts indicate he’s not having a good weekend. In multiple messages, some from his account and some shared (or “ReTruthed” — TRUTH Social’s word for retweeting), Trump expressed his irritation with Twitter, the Wall Street Journal, and erstwhile endorsee Mo Brooks.

Trump called for civil war, too.

TRUTH Social had a rocky start this year, with minimal advertising, extensive waitlists, widespread trolls and bot accounts, and technology issues. The Android app still doesn’t create embeddable messages, and Trump spent months without posting.

The former president seems to be making up for lost time this weekend, firing rants on several issues and revisiting his earlier airing-of-grievancesTwitter style.

“MAGA King Thanos” added the comment “Civil war” to a screenshot of a Lara Logan post from the President of El Salvador declaring that the most powerful country in the world was falling so rapidly and something so vast and powerful can’t be destroyed so quickly unless the enemy comes from inside.

George Conway posted a screenshot of Trump’s post, adding, “Nothing to see here. Just a former U.S. President promoting or forecasting civil war. No problem.”

Trump attacked Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, a senatorial candidate. In March, Trump rescinded Brooks’ endorsement when he fell to third place in the GOP primary polls. Brooks’ sin: pushing Republicans to put the 2020 race behind them.

Trump posted an Alabama Political Reporter story on Brooks’ rescinded endorsement with the title “CAN’T DO THAT MO!”

After the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Twitter banned Trump permanently. Trump says he doesn’t miss Twitter, but he bargained with TRUTH Social for extensive posting freedom if he’s ever allowed back on.
Trump retweeted a post from “Jarvis Patriot” calling for all Jan. 6 “political prisoners” to be freed, describing the situation as a “grandmother who snapped pictures in the Capitol” being held without bond while Jussie Smollett, Alec Baldwin, and Hunter Biden were “free.”

Baldwin and Biden have not been charged with any crimes; Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in prison plus $145,000 in penalties and reparations.

Trump continued to gripe about the Pennsylvania GOP primary, in which Trump-backed Mehmet Oz will face Dave McCormick. He blasted the “RINO” Wall Street Journal for not backing his critique of the ballot counting process. Last Thursday, Trump suggested Oz should “declare victory.”

Trump also complained about 2020 and called for Hillary Clinton to be locked up.

The more significant sentiment by many people is that they would accept “Mean Tweets” in exchange for having Trump replace Biden, whose administration has been a disaster.