Donald Trump Returns To D.C. As Rumors Swirl

( Swirls of rumors surrounded a video that went viral showing Donald Trump arrive in Washington, D.C. wearing a sports coat and golf shoes, leading many to believe that something was just not right, according to Mediaite. Many of the rumors circulating was that the former president was going to turn himself in to federal authorities following much controversy over the FBI’s raid on his estate in Mar-a-Lago where they confiscated classified documents.

The video was captured by Youtuber Andrew Leydon and prompted some to think that the former president did not have time to change his clothes before either turning himself in or being arrested. Even CNN had put these rumors to bed by reporting that Trump arrived in D.C. for golf.

The video shows Trump deboarding a private jet at Dulles airport outside the nation’s capital, just miles from Trump National Golf Club. That did not stop the speculation.

One news anchor said that the spectacle “interesting.”

“Dulles is just 20 minutes from Trump National Golf Club, but if he landed at 6 or 6:30 pm, as reported, he wouldn’t have been playing golf. The sun set there at 7:20 tonight,” he added.

Another leftist commentator felt something was intuitively wrong with Trump deboarding a jet in sports attire, tweeting that “It could be something totally inconsequential, but something tells me it’s not.”

An unhinged leftist with wildly absurd theories also took to Twitter with a list of possible reasons why the former president arrived in D.C., one of them including to “obstruct justice by meeting w/someone [sic] appearing before a grand jury to bribe/threaten them.”

There is no evidence to corroborate any of these claims. Even CNN reported that Trump was visiting his golf club but expressed some skepticism because it was only the “second time he’s visited the D.C. area since he left office.”