Donald Trump Reportedly Thinking About Replacing Nancy Pelosi

( Many GOP voters would love to see former President Donald Trump return to active politics in the near future.

They might soon get their wish, but for a much different position than most expected.

Rumors are starting to swirl that Trump could make a run for Speaker of the House if Republicans are able to take back control of the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

It all began when Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader in the House, said that Trump would like to serve as House Speaker. While aides to McCarthy immediately tried to step back that comment — saying Trump wants McCarthy to be Speaker if he wins back the White House in 2024.

Still, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about possible paths Trump could take to the Speaker’s podium.

The most direct way, of course, would be for Trump to win a seat in the House of Representatives. He’d have to do so by running in his home district in Palm Beach, Florida. If he were to do that and Republicans were to take control of the House, the GOP could vote Trump into the role of Speaker.

That might prove a little difficult, though, as the district is heavily Democratic. The incumbent, Lois Frankel, destroyed her opponent by 20 points in the last election in that district.

What’s more, Trump would enter rare territory if he were to win a seat in the House. John Quincy Adams is the only former president in American history to serve in the House of Representatives after leaving the White House.

But, there’s another much more unconventional way that Trump could apparently rise to the position.

The Constitution lays out the position of Speaker, but it doesn’t specify how the House must select the position to fill the role. Some lawmakers, then, have said it’s possible that the GOP could vote Trump in as Speaker, even if he didn’t win a seat in Congress.

Could you imagine that — Trump serving as Speaker even though he doesn’t have an official position in Congress? That would make Democrats’ heads roll, for sure.

It’s a huge longshot for this to happen, of course, but it’s fun to discuss the possibility. If Trump were to receive votes to serve as Speaker, he wouldn’t be the first person who wasn’t a member of the House of Representatives.

In the past, David Walker, Colin Powell and Rand Paul have all received votes to serve as Speaker even though they weren’t serving in the House at the time.

All that a person needs to do to secure the position of Speaker of the House is to have an outright majority of members of the House vote for him or her. In other words, a person can’t simply win the most votes of any candidate; he or she has to win a full majority.

Even if Republicans were to regain control of the House, that might be difficult with some members of the GOP not on the Trump bandwagon. But, it’s fun to think about the possibility.