Donald Trump Makes Surprise Endorsement

( The endorsement of former President Donald Trump is easily the most coveted prize for Republican candidates for elected office today, and the latest candidate to receive it is his former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Former President Trump praised Zinke and offered his “Complete and Total Endorsement” in the race to become the next member of Congress for the newly-created Second Congressional District of Montana.

In a statement, Trump said that Zinke’s leadership during his time at the Department of the Interior helped the Trump administration achieve “Energy Dominance.” He described how Zinke increased federal energy revenues, and how he responsible opened up federal acreage to be used for energy production.

All good things that President Joe Biden and his administration are trying to undo…

Trump added that Zinke was “instrumental” in the process of expanding public access to public lands for recreation, as well as rebuilding the infrastructure for National Parks and Forests.

He told voters that if Zinke becomes the next Congressman for Montana’s 2nd District, he expects him to fight against Radical Left Democrats who are actively blocking America First policies implemented by the Trump administration.

He also promised that he would be a “strong leader” – a quality we all know Trump likes.

Responding to the news of the endorsement, Zinke said that he was “deeply honored,” and shared a copy of the statement from Trump’s “Save America” PAC.

He added that in just a few short months of the “Biden/Pelosi regime,” the United States has witnessed the Democrats’ radical plan to assume complete power and control. Zinke said that America’s Western values and way of life are worth defending and that he looks forward to getting back to fighting for America First policies.