Donald Trump Keeps Getting Denied By Supreme Court

( Former President Donald Trump requested that the Supreme Court intervene in the legal dispute over the FBI investigation into sensitive materials kept at Mar-a-Lago after he left office. According to his attorneys, any restrictions on the thorough and open evaluation of the evidence gathered during the exceptional raid on a President’s residence “erode public trust in our system of justice.”

The Supreme Court disagreed. The judges dismissed Trump’s appeal last Thursday, one day after the previous deadlines for filing had passed, without any recorded dissents. Since the judge’s ruling was unexplained, as with other rulings of a similar kind, it isn’t easy to draw too many conclusions from it. However, the Justice Department challenged the whole of Judge Aileen Cannon’s order appointing a special master to the inquiry to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals within 48 hours after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Trump and his legal staff seem to have overlooked what Justice Department attorneys had noticed: When he was president, the Supreme Court seldom agreed with him on policy issues and nearly never ruled in his favor in personal disagreements. Despite being fully in charge of the court’s docket and decisions, Trump has only sometimes received substantial victory from the conservative side of the court. The previous president’s legal staff, however, never seemed to adjust their expectations that way.

Donald Trump’s attempt to stymie the Mar-a-Lago investigation was defeated last week. Conservatives and Republicans have won a number of cases before the Supreme Court in recent years. But such successes were seldom extended to Trump, as he has sought. The Supreme Court has rejected several of Donald Trump’s key policy objectives. The president’s lawyers made allegations that most justices could not support.

These setbacks varied regarding how narrow they were and involved shoddy or dishonest procedures leading to them. He was severely off base, and others will find the same lesson. The Supreme Court dismissed the case, and Justice Samuel Alito did little to help the pro-Trump group. The justices haven’t shown a desire to defend Donald Trump.