Don Jr. To Hunter Biden: “Man Up And Debate Me!”

( – Donald Trump Jr. made the surprising announcement on Sunday that he wants to debate the son of Democratic presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden. Don Jr. challenged Hunter Biden to debate him on the topic of who has benefitted the most from their father’s positive in the White House.

The move comes after Hunter Biden was embroiled in a scandal relating to his employment at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that allegedly used him to gain access to the White House.

Don Jr. issued the challenge on Twitter as well as during an Axios interview. The president’s son said he would be willing to release his personal tax returns if the former vice president’s son did the same.

Referencing his interview on Axios for HBO, Don Jr. tweeted how the mainstream media “loves making a false equivalency” between him and Hunter Biden.

“I challenge Hunter Biden to man up & debate me,” he said, suggesting that Axios CEO Jim VandeHei moderates.

“Hunter releases his tax returns & I release mine, let’s have an open convo about who really profited from their father’s public office!” he added.

During the interview, Don Jr. said he would “go full transparency” and “show everything,” as well as talk about all the places where he is “supposedly grifting but Hunter Biden isn’t.”

Explaining how he and Hunter Biden are different, Don Jr. said:

“The difference is I made a lot of money from my father because I worked in his company for 20 years as a private businessman. Hunter Biden got lucrative jobs at MBNA, the biggest bank in the state of Delaware, where daddy happened to be a senator. Where dad also happened to be signing favorable banking legislation that seemed to track where he was getting his raises and his promotions.”

Senate Republicans are currently pursuing investigations into Biden’s employment at Ukrainian energy company Bursima when his father was vice president.