DOJ Suddenly Drops “Suicide’ Case Of January 6th Protestor

( The Department of Justice has quietly dropped a case against a January 6 defendant who committed suicide while being detained last month. Matthew Perna committed suicide after he pleaded guilty to several trespassing-related crimes on January 6. He did not engage in any violent behavior, but was imprisoned and left waiting over a year for a trial.

In December, 37-year-old Perna pleaded guilty to a felony charge of obstructing Congress as well as a number of misdemeanor charges relating to his illegal entry of the United States Capitol Building on the day of the riots. He was scheduled to be sentenced on March 3 and was expected to be hit with additional charges after video footage showed him throwing a flagpole.

A statement from Perna’s family said that when he was warned that the state was planning on pursuing additional charges against him – clearly to make a political statement to Republicans – he “couldn’t take another day.”

Perna was present in the Capitol Building for just 20 minutes. He entered the building when the United States Capitol Police willingly opened the doors and escorted people inside, which prompted more protesters to enter the building under the assumption that they were allowed to.

After Perna committed suicide, the Department of Justice dismissed the case but didn’t announce it.

In a filing, Assistant United States Attorney Nihar H. Mohanty said that the defendant’s death was a basis for the “abatement of all proceedings from their inception.”

“Wherefore, the United States respectfully requests that the prosecution of Mr. Perna be abated,” he added.

When is the world going to start talking about the unequal justice system in the United States, where Republicans are driven to suicide for misdemeanor charges, but far-left extremists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa are given a pass to burn down entire cities and destroy lives?