DOJ Official Goes On Tucker Carlson To Report Mystery FBI Raid

( After the FBI searched his house on Wednesday, Jeffrey Clark, who used to be an assistant attorney general, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

Along with the raid, which was first reported on Thursday, he was also a significant part of a committee hearing on Jan. 6. Former members of the Trump administration who worked in the Justice Department said Clark was a key component of Trump’s plan to stay in power after he lost the 2020 election.

One White House lawyer said that Clark hoped Trump would make him acting attorney general so he could carry out a plan that the lawyer said was illegal. Some officials thought it was crazy and called it a “murder-suicide pact.” Clark wanted the DOJ to tell top Georgia officials that the department had found evidence of voter fraud and to call a special session so that a list of Trump electors could be certified in Washington.

Biden allegedly won the state, and there was never any real investigation into the allegations of ballot harvesting, double voting, ballot box stuffing, or why the counting was paused.

Carlson said that the attack upon Clark was “Soviet.”

Clark said, “Yes, it is.” He then told Carlson that his house was searched for three and a half hours.

Carlson asked Clark at what point can we say that the Department of Justice, where he used to work, has become a political tool and is out of control.

The former assistant AG said that he thinks it is very political, and if you didn’t know, it was part of a nationwide effort yesterday. He said there were several states where multiple people were raided for their electronic devices all around the same time. And it’s clear that this requires a lot of coordination.

Clark said he feels like we’re living in a time he doesn’t recognize, not with all these Stasi-like things going on.

(East Germany had a secret police force called the Stasi.)

“Yes, it’s Stalinist,” Carlson said.

Carlson said that someone would fight back at some point, and things would get really bad. He hopes it doesn’t happen, but he’s pretty sure it will.