DOJ Joins Fight To Reinstate Death Penalty For Boston Bomber

( Last week the Supreme Court took up a high-profile case relating to the death penalty, hearing arguments from the Department of Justice on why it should be reinstated to punish convicted Boston bomber terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The Justice Department under President Joe Biden’s direction tried to persuade the Supreme Court to reimplement the death sentence after it was overturned by a lower federal appeals court in 2015.

Associate justice Amy Coney Barrett posed questions about why the government is fighting to reinstate the policy when Attorney General Merrick Garland recently issued a moratorium on executions in the federal system.

Good point. Why the double standards from the Biden administration?

Justice Barrett asked what the government’s “end game” is in arguing for the punishment to be reinstated.

“So the government had declared a moratorium on executions but you’re here defending his death sentence?” she said.

She added that if the government wins then presumably the convicted bomber would live under the threat of a death sentence for many years when the government doesn’t actually plan on carrying it out.

“So I’m just having trouble following the point, “she said.

The Department of Justice, however, argued that they are pushing for the sentence to be reinstated to protect the verdict of the 12 jurors.

It comes after a federal appeals court in Bosto0n last year ruled that the original trial judge hadn’t properly questioned the jurors about any exposure they had to news coverage about the attack, which saw hundreds of people injured and three people killed.

It is kind of strange for them to argue for the death penalty when they don’t intend to carry it out, isn’t it?