DOJ Demands Arrest Of Key Biden Witness

Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, is set to appear before the House Oversight Committee on Monday to discuss Joe Biden’s alleged participation in Hunter’s international business operations. The current government of President Biden is doing all in its power to stop it from occurring.

The DOJ is attempting to place Archer under arrest on unrelated crimes in the days leading up to his scheduled testimony. On Saturday, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York asked Judge Ronnie Abrams to order Archer to turn himself in.

On Sunday, James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, addressed this on Fox News.

Host Maria Bartiromo said on air Monday that she was in possession of a letter from the Department of Justice sent to the Southern District of New York on Saturday. She asked if anyone had seen the DOJ send letters like these on a Saturday.

“Never,” said Comer. He’d never heard of the Justice Department doing anything on a Saturday.

Comer clarified that the DOJ letter was written to encourage the court to punish Devon Archer for a matter unconnected to the one they would discuss the next day. He said the fact that it was released on a Saturday, just before he was about to go before the House Oversight Committee and tell the American people the truth about what happened with Burisma, is very suspicious.

After that, Comer said he didn’t know whether this was all a coincidence or another instance of DOJ being weaponized. He could say, however, that Biden’s legal staff had gone to great lengths to threaten his witnesses, work with the DOJ, and collude with the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. He said they had been preventing witnesses and bank personnel from collaborating with them and pressing the Treasury Department to prevent them from reviewing suspicious activity reports. 

Comer said this conduct was quite disturbing, and as far as he was concerned, it was another illegal act. 

Matthew Schwartz, Archer’s attorney, has dismissed the possibility of wrongdoing and promised a Monday testimony from his client.