DOJ Asked To Monitor Elections For Possible Fraud

( Last week, the Brennan Center for Justice – a bipartisan law and public policy think tank – asked the Department of Justice to send monitors to observe the ongoing audit in Arizona which is tasked with determining whether election fraud or misconduct played a part in the 2020 presidential election.

The think tank urged the Department of Justice to watch how the audit is taking place, and to ensure that those performing the audit are not risking the preservation of ballots.

Coming from a bipartisan think tank, it’s an important confirmation of Republicans’ concerns about audits not being performed properly, perhaps with the intention of protecting the Democrats or anybody who may have been involved in election fraud.

“We are very concerned that the auditors are engaged in ongoing and imminent violations of federal voting and election laws,” Wendy Weiser, Hannah Klain, and Elizabeth Howard from the New York University institute urged the DOJ.

The think tank added that they believe the Senate and its agents are “violating their duty under federal law to retain and preserve ballots cast in a federal election, which are and have been in danger of being stolen, defaced, or irretrievably damaged.” Their request also said that they believe agents are “preparing to engage in conduct which will constitute unlawful voter intimidation.”

The statement has been interpreted in several different ways, however.

Some believe that the center is arguing that agents may wrongly find fraud by damaging ballots, while others have suggested they are genuinely concerned about fraud.

Ken Bennett, the former Secretary of State for Arizona and the Senate’s liaison for the Arizona audit, said that the claims were “completely unfounded” – suggesting that their concerns may actually be an attack on those genuinely seeking to find the truth.

“We will be sending a rebuttal letter I guess for lack of a better word to the same people they sent it to you and welcome DOJ or anyone else to come see what’s really happening, Because the ballots are secure, and there’s no risks or any of the things that claim there are,” he told the Epoch Times.

Some 2.1 million ballots are being audited right now, with a total of 385 tabulators also being examined.

Former President Donald Trump has indicated that Arizona could be the “first domino to fall” – so perhaps this is a case of Democrats preparing the Department of Justice for the possibility that fraud that benefitted President Joe Biden could be found.