Does Elvis’ Family Have A Genetic Reason Behind Sudden Deaths?

( Elvis Presley’s daughter’s cardiac arrest death at age 54 may have given new research that suggests genetic abnormalities in his family may be to blame for some of their early deaths more support.

Lisa Marie Presley was far from the first member of Elvis’ family to pass away from heart problems; she had a sudden cardiac attack on Thursday. The King himself died at the age of 42 from cardiac arrest, while his mother Gladys passed away at the age of 46 from heart failure. Gladys’ three brothers passed away in their forties from heart failure or lung difficulties.

According to author Sally Hoedel of the recently released biography Elvis: Destined to Die Young, a genetic flaw brought on by the union of Elvis’s maternal grandparents, who were first cousins, undoubtedly contributed to the deaths of Elvis, his mother, and his uncles.

Hoedel contended that each of their early deaths was a foregone inevitability, adding in an interview from last summer that “it ceases being a coincidence by the time it comes to Elvis.” The untimely death of Elvis Presley’s only kid seems to support this assertion.

Hoedel proposed that an Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic condition that destroys the lung and liver and causes other health issues, was to blame for the deaths in Elvis’s family.

She said, “We know Elvis had it since he was determined to be a carrier for Alpha-1 after his death, so it had to originate from someplace.”

Elvis’s maternal bloodline sprang from somewhere, most likely from his grandmother Doll Mansell, who battled the disease for many years. Hoedel countered it was a false diagnosis and that Mansell had a genetic defect of some sort.

She described it as “something that doesn’t make logic but has been carried down the family line and throughout recorded Elvis history.”

In the early 1900s, tuberculosis was unquestionably misdiagnosed, according to this text.

Gladys Mansell could have aggravated her genetic issues by marrying her first cousin, which was customary in earlier times and passing those issues to her offspring.

Days before her son was scheduled to start his military service in Germany, she acquired a substance addiction issue, just like her son subsequently would, and passed away as an alcoholic on August 14, 1958.

Gladys’ three sons also died young from heart, lung, and liver problems. Elvis Presley was rumored to have developed an addiction to a number of prescription medicines throughout the 1970s.

His downfall was due to the over-prescription of medication to treat ailments that he had already established and were being made worse by the rigors of his tour.

Lisa Marie Presley died 46 years after Elvis did, following a period of drug abuse.