DNC Insider Donna Brazile Says Trump Will Be The Nominee

On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Democrat strategist Donna Brazile predicted that former President Donald Trump would be the GOP candidate in 2024.

According to anchor Martha Raddatz, DeSantis has been bragging about his performance in Florida, claiming that his program is the most audacious and comprehensive the contemporary Republican Party has seen. Disney, our parent business, has been a target of this campaign. Disney decided to cancel a $1 billion project this week, eliminating the potential for 2,000 jobs in the Sunshine State. 

Raddatz questioned Brazile on how things might develop.

Brazile said that DeSantis was trying to fight opponents twice his size. It’s Donald Trump’s race to lose at this point. DeSantis plans to run for office in an attempt to emulate Donald Trump, although with less controversy, more resources, and possibly a better coiffure.

She then said she would check out Tim Scott since he has a more positive vibe. He is a persuasive and kind Conservative.

Brazile continued by stating that DeSantis had lost her interest due to his assaults on trans children, racism, history, Disney, book banning, and, more generally, valid clear American values. 

She said DeSantis is running for Donald Trump’s right. But the question is whether he can win over voters. Can he convey the impression of a winner instead of resorting to fake smiles? 

She concluded by claiming she was confident Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination.

During a live engagement with Twitter owner and Tesla founder Elon Musk on Wednesday night, Ron DeSantis tried to launch his candidacy for president.

On Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET, Ron DeSantis was to declare his candidacy for president during a Twitter space conversation with Elon Musk, as indicated by The Gateway Pundit.

Multiple Twitter users reported seeing an error message stating that more information was unavailable after the platform failed. DeSantis’ campaign against Trump has gotten off to a shaky start, and some think it’s not a good sign.

DeSantis was mocked mercilessly by users, including President Biden’s account, which Tweeted out a campaign donation link with the comment “This Link Works.”