DNC Frantic As New Hampshire Ignores Election Demands

Over the last 3 years, the state of economic, cultural and political affairs within the United States has truly deteriorated. Indeed, over the last several years of experiencing economic, social, cultural and international problems, the United States has truly become a nation in distress. Upon entering office, Biden quickly reversed many of his predecessor Donald Trump’s policies pertaining to the southern border and illegal immigration into the country; what has resulted has been an unprecedented wave of illegal migration into America and over 5 million migrants have entered the country in just a short period of time. Economically, the gap between the wealthy and the poor in the country continues to widen in what has become known as the hourglass effect. The working class of the country continues to struggle under the weight of rampant inflation and the cost of basic necessities continues to rise.

Despite the increasingly deteriorating political climate and economic climate in the country, many major news outlets and both political parties remain hyper focused on the upcoming 2024 presidential election. In truth, both parties really have governed questionably. America is truly a nation in decline, and politicians from both parties have not acted widely in governance to help reverse this trend. In the Republican party Donald Trump remains the frontrunner for the presidential nomination while in the Democratic party Joe Biden the incumbent president is likely to be the candidate in the general election.

In the state of New Hampshire, Democrats are coming under fire for attempting to hold their primary on January 23rd which has always been the traditional date for that state. Leftists that have hijacked the party wanted more “racial diversity” in early primary voting and wanted South Carolina to be first to vote. At the present moment, it appears that the northern state with the slogan “live free or die” will be holding its primary on the traditional date as previously planned.