Dilbert Is Cancelled In 77 Newspapers Nationwide

(PatrioticPost.com)- “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams reported last week that nearly 77 newspapers have canceled the popular workplace comic strip that he has been drawing since 1989.

For reasons that are unclear, Lee Enterprises, which owns nearly 100 newspapers nationwide, terminated its contract with “Dilbert” as well as several other comic strips.

Scott Adams told Fox News that while he believed the move was “part of a larger overhaul,” Lee Enterprises’ decision to cancel “Dilbert” coincidentally happened after he began poking fun of “wokeness” in the comic.

In its more than 20 years, “Dilbert” has appeared in thousands of papers throughout the country and spawned Dilbert-themed calendars, books, and even a TV show that briefly ran from 1999 to 2000.

Recently, Adams began poking fun at the ESG movement and woke leftism in the workplace, including a recent comic where Adams introduced a new character named Dave, a black man who identifies as white whom the supervisor said would help the company boost its ESG rating.

According to Adams, mocking “wokeness” prompted several newspapers to complain that their readers were growing unhappy with the content. However, Adams wasn’t certain those complaints had anything to do with “Dilbert” being removed by Lee Enterprises.

What is certain is that the mass cancellation will be a serious financial blow to Adams. He told Fox News the loss of revenue is “substantial.”