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(PatrioticPost.com)- On Monday, Russia officially vetoed a resolution from the United Nations Security Council that would have designated climate change a security threat.

The decision has been widely described by the left-wing media as an effort by Russia to oppose common-sense measures to reduce pollution when in reality it’s an effort to ensure that the United Nations doesn’t wrongly label a controversial and disputed theory about climate change as a security threat.

This was confirmed as much by a statement published by the Russian Federation Mission.

After confirming that the Russian Federation voted against the resolution, which was submitted by Ireland and Niger, the statement said that those who wrote the document were “pushing it through without readiness to discuss the root causes of challenges that vulnerable countries face.”

Had the resolution have passed, it would have incorporated theorized “security implications” of climate change into managing conflicts globally and running peacekeeping operations. It would have also asked the United Nations Secretary-General to analyze and assess all potential security risks related to the climate change theory.

The failure of the resolution to pass brings to an end a year of efforts by many global leaders to include “climate change” in Security Council deliberations, and it was slammed by United States Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

”By vetoing this resolution, Russia has stopped the world’s most important body for maintaining international peace and security from taking a small, practical, and necessary step to combat the impacts of climate change,” she said.

Really? Or is she just mad that Russia blocked new efforts by global leaders and bureaucrats to force through dangerous new legislation based on an environmental threat that not all scientists even agree is real?

The Russian Federation responded by saying that the proposed resolution was a “one-dimensional” approach to conflicts and that looking at issues through a climate change lens would ultimately end up hurting poorer countries.

What does it say when Russia is right on this and the U.S. is so, so wrong?