DHS Secretary Gushes Over Illegal Immigration

(PatrioticPost.com)- The Biden administration’s disastrous border policies have even begun to rankle their most loyal Fox News host, Chris Wallace. In a surprisingly contentious interview on Fox News Sunday with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Wallace really hammered the hapless Biden official over the unprecedented flood of Haitian illegals who poured into Del Rio, Texas the previous week.

Wallace, no fan of Donald Trump, demanded to know why this administration will not build a wall or a fence along the border to stop these illegals from crossing.

And Mayorkas’ response was stunning.

Mayorkas argued that it isn’t the policy of this administration to build the wall. Then he conflated those lawfully seeking asylum with the those crossing the border illegally.

Mayorkas explains that the law allows for those seeking humanitarian relief to claim asylum, which he says is “actually one of our proudest traditions.”

Is Mayorkas kidding here?

The nearly 17,000 Haitian illegals were not showing up at a legal port of entry and requesting asylum. They were wading across the Rio Grande to enter the country illegally.

But this is something open borders advocates do all the time.

To them, there is no distinction between those who follow US immigration laws and those who break them. To them, “immigrant” is a catch-all phrase that applies to either equally.

Mayorkas knows that a border wall does not prevent someone from legally applying for asylum.

And, yes, the fact that the United States offers asylum to those who face religious or political persecution in their home countries is something to be proud of. But that is not what was going on in Del Rio, nor is it what’s going on anywhere along the southern border where foreign nationals are crossing illegally.

The construction of a barrier at our southern border would not interfere with the asylum process. But it would prevent illegal crossings – which is exactly why the Biden administration won’t build it.

Mayorkas can’t come out and tell Chris Wallace that this administration objects to the wall because they want to flood the country with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. So instead he conflates legitimate asylum-seekers with the mass of humanity Americans saw under the International Bridge.

It’s craven and dishonest.

But what else would you expect from the Biden administration?