Devon Archer Reveals Biden’s Dark Links To Ukraine

On Monday, one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners – and close friends – testified in front of the House Oversight Committee, and linked President Joe Biden to his son’s foreign business dealings.

While the testimony was given behind closed doors, Fox News Digital cited sources familiar with the day. Those sources said that Devon Archer said Hunter Biden and other top players at Burisma Holdings “called D.C.” back in 2015, requesting that the Obama administration work to help fire the prosecutor in Ukraine who was investigating their business.

Joe Biden was serving as vice president at the time. 

During Monday’s testimony, Archer told committee members that Hunter put his dad on speakerphone during various meetings with business partners 20 times at least. The goal of doing so, he said, was to sell “the brand.”

Burisma Holdings is a natural gas company based in Ukraine at which both Archer and Hunter Biden served on the board.

Archer further detailed an interaction that happened in December of 2015 that involved the company’s CEO, Mykola Zlochevsky, and another executive at the company, Vadym Pozharski.

He said those two men “placed constant pressure on Hunter Biden to get help from D.C.” to get the Ukrainian prosecutor in the case, Viktor Shokin, removed. Shokin’s investigation was looking into corruption allegations about Burisma.

The source familiar with the testimony told Fox News Digital that Archer said that those two men and Hunter Biden “called D.C” so they could talk about the situation. He said those three men stepped away from a bigger group present so they could make the phone call.

The source said it wasn’t clear whether the two Burisma executives and Hunter Biden ever spoke with Joe Biden directly about that issue on that date.

One very curious and suspicious angle to this, though, is that at the time in question, Joe Biden was put in charge of policy between Ukraine and the U.S. for the Obama administration.

Just a few days after that alleged call was made, the source told Fox News Digital that Joe Biden gave a speech in Ukraine. During that speech, the then-vice president said that the Ukrainian government needed to work on fixing its prosecutor’s office.

Following Archer’s testimony earlier this week, Jim Jordan, who serves as chair of the House Judiciary Committee, said:

“This is the most revealing aspect of Archer’s testimony and maybe the most important of our entire investigation so far.”

Fox News Digital previously published a report about an unclassified version of a form generated by the FBI. In it were multiple allegations that both Hunter and Joe Biden had “coerced” Zlochevsky to send them millions of dollars so that they would help to get Shokin fired from his job.

Joe Biden has also acknowledged that he did successfully pressure the Ukrainians to fire Shokin. It just so happens that Shokin was investigating Burisma at the time, and that his son, Hunter, was receiving a very lucrative contract for serving on the company’s board.