Devin Nunes: Clinton Campaign Funded Steele Dossier

( In early November, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel suggested that, from here on out, the infamous Steele Dossier should be referred to as The Clinton Dossier.

When the indictment of Igor Daschenko, the Russian who provided Christopher Steele with much of his gossip, revealed Daschenko’s ties to Clinton operative Charles Dolan, Strassel argued that there are far too many links to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to conclude that this so-called dossier was anything more than a campaign-funded hit-job against Donald Trump.

Christopher Steele was hired to create this dossier by Fusion GPS after Fusion was hired by Clinton’s campaign law firm Perkins Coie. In addition to Clinton pal Charles Dolan, another source for the dossier was Olga Galkina – a Russian PR executive who expected to get a job in the US State Department under a possible Hillary Clinton administration.

In other words, the Clinton campaign’s fingerprints are all over this garbage dossier. It was not only bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign; it was created by them as well.

Last Wednesday, California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, who was instrumental in exposing much of the RussiaGate hoax, appeared on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show The Balance to discuss what John Durham’s investigation has uncovered thus far. And like Kimberly Strassel, Nunes concluded that the Russian collusion hoax was a Clinton campaign narrative paid for by her campaign.

What’s more, Nunes argued, the FBI which launched its bogus investigation and FISA warrants off of this bit of campaign opposition research, knew all along that it was funded by the Clinton campaign.

Nunes said Congress knew it was made up; the FBI knew it was made up. But still, they pressed ahead with their investigations into Trump and Russia.

Nunes told Bolling that while he was only able to build a circumstantial case, Durham is finding the phone calls, emails, communications, and payments that back it up. Nunes said Durham must expose what the Democrats did, adding unless Durham gets to the bottom of it, every day that goes by without the truth means Americans will lose even more faith in the Justice Department and the FBI.

He argues that what the Clinton campaign was allowed to unleash is “unhealthy for a democratic republic” because it will lead to instability. And if Durham doesn’t bring the perpetrators to justice, Nunes added, it will be seen as “the biggest scandal in political history.”

Watch Nunes’ interview HERE.