DeSantis Gets New Endorsements As 2024 Fight Heats Up

Ron DeSantis received endorsements from 10 state legislators from around the country on Thursday, and two of them came from early primary states South Carolina and New Hampshire.

After the Republican National Committee held its fourth Republican presidential debate this week, the 10 endorsements for DeSants came rolling in. DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, was one of four attendees at the GOP debate, along with Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey; Nikki Haley, the former U.N. Ambassador and former governor of South Carolina; and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

DeSantis was generally termed to have a solid debate on Wednesday night, and state lawmakers from all over apparently took notice.

The DeSantis campaign told the Daily Caller News Foundation that after the debate, he received endorsements from Republican state legislators in Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and New Hampshire.

In a statement announcing his endorsement, Dan McGuire, a state GOP representative in New Hampshire, said:

“Ron DeSantis has a great track record of delivering freedom. He passed the best parental rights law in the country, implemented universal school choice, expanded Second Amendment rights, cut taxes and paid down a quarter of his state’s debt.

“Ron DeSantis will take the New Hampshire ‘Live Free or Die’ model to the White House and deliver on the freedom agenda for the American people, and that is why I’m proud to support him for president.”

Other lawmakers who endorsed DeSantis include Brian Adams, a state senator in South Carolina; David Faulkner, a state representative in Alabama; and Larry Stutts, a state senator in Alabama.
In a statement of his own, Stutts said:

“Ron DeSantis is a proven conservative with a record of winning for Republicans at the ballot box. Alabamans care about protecting parents’ rights and our children, and Ron DeSantis will be the president to get it done.”

With these 10 new endorsements, DeSantis now has more than 300 endorsements from Republican state lawmakers around the U.S. That includes endorsements from 65 legislators in New Hampshire and another 42 in Iowa, his campaign said.

According to his campaign, DeSantis has double the endorsements as former President Donald Trump in Iowa, and eight times as many as Haley has in the state.

Those endorsements in particular could prove very valuable to DeSantis, as he looks to make early noise in the upcoming primary. Iowa holds its caucus on January 15, while the GOP primary election will be held on January 23 in New Hampshire.

South Carolina is fifth on the primary schedule for the GOP, with its election set for February 24. Nevada and the Virgin Islands have their GOP caucuses scheduled for February 8.

Overall, DeSantis still finds himself in a distant second place in national polls. An average compiled by RealClearPolitics that runs through December 4 shows DeSantis in second place in the GOP race, but he only has the support of 13.5% of voters.

Haley comes in with 10.3%, followed by Ramaswamy at 4.9% and Christie at 2.5%.

Trump is still the far-and-away leader, with 61.3% support.