“Deranged” Gunman Opens Fire On Random Citizens

A 25-year-old Hispanic guy with mental instability was riding a scooter around New York City when he opened fire on random people, killing one and wounding four. The cops said the suspect was going through a bad patch mentally. 

On Saturday at roughly 11:10 AM ET, a shooting spree reportedly began in the New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn and lasted for the better part of two hours. During a news conference, Edward Caban, First Deputy Commissioner, said the 25-year-old gunman was armed with a 9 mm handgun with a high-capacity magazine, and he was also riding around on an “illegal” motor scooter.  

Officers who spoke with the media said the man appeared to have “mental issues.” In a report to the NYPD’s top brass, Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny referred to the criminal as a “male Hispanic.” 

The shooter started firing in Cypress Hills, striking a young man in his 20s in the shoulder. This set off the series of subsequent violence. Twenty minutes later, near Jamaica Avenue and 108th Street, the suspect shot and murdered an elderly man. The victim’s age was revealed to be 87. 

According to sources, a 44-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in the face near 126th Street. 

A 63-year-old man on 134th Street was shot in the shoulder. 

At the time, the authorities had no idea what prompted this rampage.

Every one of the victims is different, both in terms of demographics and in terms of their family histories, Kenny said.

New York’s police department’s assistant chief said at the time the footage they had revealed that he was not targeting anybody. He rides around on his scooter, firing at anyone at will. 

The guy was arrested two hours later in Queens, New York, close to the intersection of Sutphin Boulevard and 94th Avenue. 

The Democrat-controlled New York City has done nothing to curb crime. This spree is no different from any other day. Only a few years ago, the city’s progressives pushed for legislation that would have severely cut the police department’s budget.