Democrats Worried As SCOTUS Takes 2nd Amendment Case

( This week the United States Supreme Court will be taking up what is considered the most consequential Second Amendment case in more than a decade. And gun-control activists fear a favorable decision could set back efforts to undermine private gun ownership.

The Court will begin oral arguments Wednesday in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen which challenges New York’s “may-issue” law requiring citizens to convince state licensing officials that they need to carry a firearm before they can receive a license to carry. Also referred to as “proper cause,” similar laws exist in other deep blue states like California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Hawaii. So a favorable ruling in this case would no doubt have a ripple effect throughout the country.

Imagine being required by law to give just cause for why you should be able to practice your First Amendment right to free speech. That is what these laws do in relation to the Second Amendment. Those applying for a gun license have to give “proper cause” for why they should be permitted to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms before being permitted to by the state.

Gun control activists are worried that, given the current conservative majority on the Court, a favorable ruling may be a fait accompli.

Even the Biden administration is worried. Even though the case relates to state law, lawyers for the Biden administration asked the Court for permission to argue in support of New York’s law. During Wednesday’s oral arguments, the administration’s lawyers will be granted as much time as the State of New York.

In addition to the Biden administration, both pro-Second Amendment and Anti-gun groups by the dozens have submitted briefs to Court.

Those backing New York in the case include the American Bar Association, the American Medical Association, and, ironically, the American Civil Liberties Union which now apparently opposes civil liberties.

A ruling against New York’s restrictive law would be the most consequential Second Amendment ruling since Heller. And with only three Liberal Justices remaining on the Supreme Court, Democrats and Left-leaning organizations know they are in for an uphill battle. And they are throwing everything at this case.