Democrats Want Tucker Carlson Jailed Now

( After Tucker Carlson’s former Fox News colleague Carl Cameron attacked him on CNN, Carlson hit back.

Last Saturday, former Fox News political reporter Carl Cameron told CNN’s Jim Acosta that Tucker Carlson has been “screaming fire in a crowded movie house” and suggested that those who do that kind of thing should be put in jail or “something worse.”

Cameron also praised the Biden administration’s efforts to move against “violent hate” speech that causes “damage.”

Watch HERE.

Jim Acosta wrote a book about what a “dangerous time” the Trump years were for brave truth-telling journalists. But there he sits while Carl Cameron suggests that journalist Tucker Carlson should be jailed or “something worse.”

It really is remarkable.

And during his show last Monday, Tucker Carlson blasted Cameron over his outrageous, anti-Free Speech remarks.

After playing the clip from Acosta’s show, Carlson marveled that an American journalist was praising the Biden administration for cracking down on free speech.

He wanted to know what the “something worse” Cameron mentioned might be, adding that whatever that “something worse” is, we’re already heading in that direction at a very high speed.

Tucker warned that rhetoric like Cameron’s inevitably leads to a dangerous endpoint. He warned that Democrats are already talking themselves into “something worse” and said it was time to de-escalate the rhetoric before it gets ugly.

Watch Tucker’s response to Carl Cameron HERE.