Democrats Reverse Defund Police Rhetoric

( A lot of Democrat mayors who, in 2020, went all-in on the Defund the Police movement appear to be changing their tune now that crime is skyrocketing in their cities.

Last year, Chicago’s hapless mayor Lori Lightfoot proposed cutting $80 million from the city’s police budget. But last week, Lightfoot was begging the federal government to deploy ATF agents to Chicago to help crackdown on illegal guns, saying the city can’t “endure the level of violence that we are now experiencing.”

Democrats were never very good at cause and effect, which is funny since Democrats believe they’re the Party of ScienceTM. It’s Newton’s Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Lori Lightfoot caused the problem and now she’s whining about the effect.

But she isn’t the only one.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed last year pledged to take $120 million from the city’s law enforcement budget and reallocate it to social spending. And now she’s transformed into a law and order hardliner, vowing to end “the reign of criminals who are destroying our city.”

Earth to London Breed. The criminals aren’t destroying San Francisco. Elected Democrats like you and District Attorney Chesa Boudin are destroying it.

Mayor Breed is now calling for a budget supplemental to help fund overtime for members of the San Francisco police for the rest of the fiscal year.

The Democrats across the Bay from San Francisco have also done an about-face. Thanks to the surge in violent crimes, officials in Oakland have scrapped plans to cut the city’s police department as Mayor Libby Schaaf vows to hire more police.

In 2020, the Portland City Council slashed millions from the police budget. This year, the City Council boosted the department’s $230 million budget by an additional $5.2 million.

And these are just a few examples. Cities nationwide that jumped on the Defund the Police bandwagon are scrambling to at least partially restore some of the money they cut from the police.

This is the problem with the Progressive Left. They are incapable of thinking things through. These mayors acted on emotion without a single thought for the consequences of their actions. Businesses were shut down, taxpayers fled, police officers retired in droves, crime shot up, lives were lost, and for what? To placate a bunch of screaming activists who don’t have to live with consequences.