Democrats Reportedly Consider Pulling Out Of Challenging DeSantis In Elections Altogether

( Ron DeSantis is such a powerful figure in Florida politics that organizations that typically support Democratic candidates may not even bother helping in the state’s gubernatorial election next year.

A recent report in Politico said the Democratic Governors Association believes that DeSantis, a Republican, stands next to no chance of actually losing re-election in Florida in 2022. As a result, they might decide to withhold any financial investment in the state — as they believe it would be a complete waste of money.

Two Democratic consultants in Florida told Politico that they believe there’s growing sense within the DGA that the party as a whole is not becoming viable in Florida at all. What used to be a battleground state, in essence, has become a huge stronghold for Republicans.

In the last two gubernatorial elections in Florida, the DGS spent more than $15 million advocating for their candidates. That’s a significant cost that hasn’t returned anything meaningful.

As a result, officials within the organization are strongly considering taking that money they’d normally spend in Florida and direct it instead to other states where Republicans are allegedly vulnerable — such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

One consultant who has worked with the DGA in the past, Jonathan Ducote, told Politico:

“I do think, and I can’t stress this enough, the DGA is playing mostly defense this year, and that’s a monumental change. When I think about Florida statewide elections, the number one thing you have to ask yourself is do you have the money to communicate in a really expensive state?”

It’s not just that DeSantis is a strong candidate, which he certainly is, of course. It’s also that the entire GOP has now rallied around him. The incumbent governor has a treasure trove of funds in his campaign reserves, ready to use to promote his message and get him re-elected.

This is another reason why the DGA may just throw up its hands in defeat before they would even spend a dollar. Another anonymous consultant told Politico:

“I spoke to them two weeks ago. We had a pretty candid conversation. DeSantis is looking strong politically and financially, and there are states like Massachusetts, Maryland and Arizona where they see potential pickups on top of incumbent protection.

“They might do some money [in Florida], but they are not going the way they have been in the past. There are not going to be multi-million-dollar checks.”

DeSantis has built a huge following in the Republican Party, especially in his home state of Florida. He’s fought back fervently against overreach by the federal government, while at the same time taking a strong approach to local policymaking.

That has made him so much tougher to potentially take down. As the anonymous consultant said:

“Let me tell you how the DGA works. First, it’s incumbent protection, and there is a bunch of that this year. Then they look at open seats. Then they look at challenging incumbents, and DeSantis isn’t the easiest incumbent to challenge.”