Democrats Intend To Flee U.S. If There’s An Invasion, Research Finds

( A new poll just revealed that 55% of Americans would stay home and fight if the United States were to be invaded by Russia. Quinnipiac performed the survey as Russia continued its invasion of Ukraine, taking control of multiple major cities in the country and blocking ports.

The poll also revealed that 38% of Americans would flee, and curiously, it found that most of the people who would stay and fight are Independents and Republicans…not Democrats.

Are you surprised? We’re not.

Among Republicans, 68% said that they would stay and fight and only 25% said that they would flee. Bear in mind that among those respondents are older people and others who may have disabilities that make it difficult to fight. Out of the Independents, 57% said that they would stay home and fight, and 36% said that they would evacuate.

A majority of Democrats, however, said that they would flee. We’re talking 52% of them. Yes, really.

The pollsters also asked the American people whether they believe it’s fair to compare Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with the war crimes committed by Adolf Hitler against Austria and Czechoslovakia before the outbreak of the Second World War. They found that 50% agreed and just 31% disagreed.

Incredibly, though, it also found that Americans supported a ban on Russian oil by 71% to 22% even if it means paying more at the gas pump…which is good news for President Joe Biden.

At least for now, anyway. These price hikes – which are Biden’s fault, not Putin’s – are certainly going to hit the Democrats hard at the ballot box.