Democrats Go CRAZY Over Trump’s Surprise Drive-By Visit To Well Wishers Outside Hospital

( Democrats and left-wing media pundits lost their collective minds over the weekend when President Donald Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19 in the early hours of Friday morning, took a brief trip out in a car to wave to well-wishers outside of the hospital.

President Trump hinted at paying his supporters a surprise visit in a video recorded in the Walter Reed Medical Center and published on his Twitter. Shortly after the video was published, President Trump was seen in the back of a vehicle wearing a mask and waving to supports who were there to show their support.

CNN contributor Ana Navarro appeared on The View to complain about how the president was receiving treatment “at taxpayer expense” and said that he shouldn’t “flaunt it” by going out.

Navarro said that it was “insensitive” and that it “angered” her.

Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin, who recently said she no longer considers herself a conservative, said that Trump was guilty of “reckless endangerment” and “assault.”

Rubin even said that the president should be removed from power under the 25th Amendment because of it.

CBS reporter David Begnaud also complained on Twitter that the president wasn’t wearing the right kind of mask.

Meanwhile, VICE News reporter said that a Secret Service agent told her that they believed the president’s actions were “so reckless and careless and heartless.”

Because everyone knows that VICE has all the best sources, right?

Meanwhile, former White House physician Dr. William Lang said that the fact that Secret Service agents and President Donald Trump were all wearing masks meant that the risk of spreading the virus was “very, very small.”

If it fits their narrative, it looks like Democrats and anti-Trump activists are willing to admit they don’t actually think masks work…