Democrats Delay Voting On Key Media Bill

( The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) is once again dead on the Senate floor, according to Breitbart. The champion of the bill, Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, killed the bill after Sen. Ted Cruz successfully added an amendment that would prohibit tech and social media companies from colluding on “content moderation.”

Big tech companies have notoriously colluded together and with the federal government and its agencies to suppress information that they deem as “misinformation.” The 2020 pandemic showed the world the power wielded by these companies to push their preferred political narrative, often resulting in the censorship of conservative voices.

The basis behind the JCPA is reportedly to allow media companies to form “legal cartels” in the United States, where they can negotiate with tech companies for special favor. Cruz’s amendment would allow media companies to negotiate with Big Tech on fair payments for their content, but that is as far as it can go, as the amendment bars any negotiation on content moderation.

“What this amendment would do, is it would say [that] when the cartel sits down to negotiation, it would say ‘we’re not going to discuss censorship, we’re going to discuss price,’” said Cruz.

Cruz was able to pass the amendment with a narrow 11-10 support in the Senate Judiciary Committee. As a result, Klobuchar pulled the bill from proceeding in the Senate, reportedly revealing the true intentions behind the Democratic bill which would have strengthened censorship of political undesirables spreading information that the regime considers a “threat to democracy.”

Klobuchar attempted to persuade the Republican co-sponsor of the bill, Sen. John Kennedy, that the bill could not be passed as long as the amendment was attached.

“Senator Kennedy…we’ve worked on this [for] months. We won’t be able to support the Cruz amendment here…If this is in it, we can’t support the bill.”

“I don’t understand why,” responded Kennedy. “To me, the issue is supposed to be about money, and not about moderating content, and this [the amendment] just makes explicit what I thought was implicit in the bill.”

Despite her pleas, the amendment was passed anyway and Klobuchar pulled the bill from proceeding.