Democrats Claim Brutal SCOTUS Hearing Is Revenge Over Brett Kavanaugh’s Treatment

( At her confirmation hearing, the GOP’s “abuse” of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson hasn’t come anywhere close to what Brett Kavanaugh endured in 2018.

Republican Senators claim he received less respect than Jackson, the justice nominated by President Joe Biden to replace Stephen Breyer.

Jackson would never be bombarded with personal attacks, as Kavanaugh experienced.

“When we say that this is not Kavanaugh, what do we mean?” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham asked.

Graham then explained what being “Kavanaughed” means.

Republicans had their windows smashed. This wouldn’t happen to Democrats. He said that no Republican senator would unleash attacks about Jackson’s character when the hearing was virtually over.

Graham said most GOP senators couldn’t return to their offices during “Kavanaugh” without getting spit on.

“Hope that doesn’t happen to y’all,” Graham said facetiously.

It’s telling that Republican nominees sometimes have their names turned into verbs. This happened to Robert Bork. To be “Borked” means to have been screwed over.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz assured Judge Jackson that her hearing wouldn’t devolve into disgraceful behavior where senators inquire into her teenage dating habits.

With “mock severity,” nobody would ask her, “Do you like beer?”

The left ran swiftly to social media and condemned Republicans for evoking the name Kavanaugh so many times when speaking about Jackson.

They felt the use of Brett Kavanaugh was simply a shield to defend “racist character assassination.”

GOP Senator Josh Hawley was often called a racist for continually grilling Jackson about the history of her being soft on crime, particularly pedophiles. It’s challenging to find the racism in his line of inquiry, but it doesn’t deter the left from trotting out that accusation.

The left says all of Hawley’s points, in addition to being bigoted, were proven untrue.

David Weissman, a Hollywood director, wrote on Twitter, “There are no valid reasons why she wouldn’t be qualified for the position.”

Why was Kavanaugh unqualified, according to the left?

Primarily because of UNPROVEN accusations. The problem with the left is that their accusations are fact; the right’s accusations are nonsense.

Ian Millhiser, the senior correspondent at VOX, tweeted- “One important distinction between Ketanji Brown Jackson and Brett Kavanaugh is that Ketanji Brown Jackson did not attempt to rape a woman when she was in high school.”

Unproven accusations are, once again, stated as proven facts. That is how the left operates.