Democrats Claim Biden Classified Documents Were Planted

( The top-secret documents discovered in President Biden’s garage, according to Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson, may have been ‘planted’ there.

‘Alleged confidential materials seeming to be in Joseph Biden’s possession… The timing of it makes me suspicious,’ the Georgia representative said.

Johnson is famous for once suggesting that the island of Guam might “tip over” if too much weight was put on it. Johnson has not ever been mistaken as an intellect.

A second cache of secret documents was discovered at the president’s private residence in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House said on Thursday.

Before now, President Biden acknowledged that the documents were in his garage but made no claims of wrongdoing.

So the papers were kept in a secure garage? Peter Doocy of Fox News questioned the president earlier.

Yes, he said, “together with my corvette.”

After learning this week that secret documents from the Obama White House were reportedly discovered at President Biden’s think tank office in Washington, D.C., on November 2, the president’s attorneys searched his properties in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach.

Democrats have mostly refrained from criticizing Biden directly on the materials. Former Intel chairman Rep. Adam Schiff stated that it is “concerning” whenever secret documents are discovered in places they shouldn’t be.

Hakeem Jeffries, the leader of the Democratic Party, said to reporters on Thursday, “I have full faith in President Biden.”

Days before the midterm elections, the White House claimed, they discovered the first cache of papers while cleaning out the office space. They quickly turned the materials over to the National Archives.

Biden claimed he was unaware of the first documents’ contents and was “surprised” to learn about them.

This might be a significant turning point for Biden’s presidency. Republicans have targeted the business dealings of his son Hunter Biden and have established a special committee to look into the “weaponization” of the federal government, but he has so far avoided legal issues.