Democrats Block Rule Allowing Parents To Be Notified If Their Children Want To Transition

( A recent proposal that would have informed parents at Department of Defense (DOD) schools if their children wanted to change their genders was rejected by Senate Democrats.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said in a statement that while our heroic men and women are fighting on the battlefield, their children must be shielded from government-funded brainwashing.

In accordance with the amendment, DOD schools would have had to inform parents of any issues involving their child’s mental, emotional, or physical health or wellbeing and make sure that legally responsible individuals are informed of the healthcare help their minor dependents receive.

Blackburn cited a news article from July 2021 that claimed there was video evidence from the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DODEA) Equity and Access Summit that showed a language arts and humanities teacher telling other teachers to shield students from parents who are unaware of their child’s “transition.”

The report shows an English and theater teacher from Stuttgart, Germany, who also spoke at the summit, warned that “outing” youngsters to their parents would put them at risk. The teacher claimed school could be the only safe place for them to be themselves with their chosen secure adult.

Under another Blackburn amendment, the DOD would have had to inform Congress of its spending on DEI efforts.

Reports show Blackburn noted the ideas were not contentious.  She suggested Democrats should support them and assist in refocusing the energy and effort of the Defense Department on defeating our enemies. The enemy does not care how progressive our military is or what pronouns our soldiers use.

The National Defense Authorization Act, which funds DOD operations and expenditures, was amended to include provisions until 2023. During a committee hearing on their draft of the NDAA last week, Senate Democrats rejected the revisions.

The markup will be presented to the Senate for consideration, after which it will be combined with the House version for both houses’ final passage and then forwarded to the president.

Blackburn suggested that Pentagon commanders should be using their time to absorb lessons from their failed retreat from Afghanistan instead of advancing critical racial theory and wokeism.

Senate Republicans revealed in February that the military had invested at least 5,889,082 man-hours on climate change and DEI-related activities since President Joe Biden entered office.

Our military is starting to reflect the hyper-emotional lawmakers and not the citizens they serve.