Democrats Are Trying To “Install” Kamala Harris As President, Reports Suggest

According to reports, a growing number of Democrats are lobbying for President Joe Biden’s re-election because they doubt that Vice President Kamala Harris would be able to effectively lead the country if she were to become president.

Eighty-six percent of Democrat Biden voters, according to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll, are either very or somewhat comfortable with the idea of Harris becoming president if they win re-election for another four years and Biden cannot manage to complete his term.

Their sources told Fox News Digital that a Harris presidency is a distinct possibility, one that could cause a seismic shift in American politics that would affect everyone living in the country.

Tulsi Gabbard believes the DNC’s plan to keep the Democrat establishment in control is to re-elect Joe Biden (regardless of his age or ability) and then force him to quit or step down so that Kamala Harris may become president. She is poised to become the Democrat Establishment’s unproven and unelectable puppet president. When she runs again in 2028, she’ll have the backing of the people who elected her.

Doug Schoen, founder and partner of the Democrat polling firm Schoen Cooperman Research, feels that Harris isn’t ready for prime time and cites her consistently low popularity ratings as evidence.

He explained that if Democrats are pleased with Kamala Harris’s ascendancy, the voters as a whole are not going to be. Harris’s popularity ratings are lower than Biden’s, and many are still unsure about her ability to serve as president.

A new survey shows that Vice President Kamala Harris is more disliked than any vice president in at least 30 years.

An overwhelming majority of people (49%) have a bad opinion of the vice president, with 39% rating their opinion as “very negative,” according to a Sunday NBC News survey.

In comparison, only 32 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Harris, and only 11 percent have a “very positive” impression of him.

When compared to other vice presidents, the 58-year-old’s -17 favorability margin is the lowest ever recorded by NBC News.